Saturday, January 16, 2010

What are the advantages and disadvantages of whale hunting?

Advantages: people get to eat whale meat and the whalers are paid. It's a living for them


1. They're wiping out all the whales on the planet. Soon there will be none.

2. The whales die in great pain. When we kill cows for meat, it is done in a humane way. When whalers kill whales, they basically just fire a rocket into them which explodes causing the the whale to bleed to death.What are the advantages and disadvantages of whale hunting?
lol science in the news? im duin it an all..

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of whale hunting?
There are NO advantages to killing whales. I should think the disadvantages would be obvious.
The advantage is obvious: a whale carcass has economic value.

The disadvantages: whales don't reproduce super-quickly, so we can't sustainably harvest very many at all.

Whale hunting methods are revoltingly cruel. The methods used by the indigenous hunters are probably even worse than the more modern methods. They take longer for the whale to bleed out. Also, they are more likely to fail. It's a doubly-terrible waste to injure a whale and have it go off and suffer and possibly die without even harvesting the carcass.
there are no advantages for whale hunting its cruel and barbaric and should be stopped
No advantages that are essential to the world and why kill harmless animals anyway.God only knows!!!!

1. Keeps old traditions alive (or so say the Japanese, Norwegians, and certain Native Americans).

2. Provides the basis for certain cosmetics

3. Provides whale bone for folk art scrimshaw

4. Keeps a few specialty restaurants in business in Japan


1. Most species have populations too low to support sustainable hunting. Further hunting will exterminate the species, or reduce the genetic variation to the point that inbreeding will doom the species.

2. Even when hunting the sustainable species, whale hunters tend to be dishonorable poachers and harvest whales of species that are not on the approved hunting list (i.e. in those Japanese restaurants I mentioned, 25% of the meat is not from the whales that are okayed for hunting).
there is not any advantages it should be banned everywhere.

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